Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The reason I'm not married yet isn't because I don't want too, it's because I haven't found someone who can keep up with me yet. Think about it, it's really the reason why any girl is single. Guys say that girls are complicated, can never make up their minds and are constantly changing what they want. BUT when a guy says he wants something and then he gets it, all the sudden, it's too much and he can't handle it.This is why I haven't settled down yet.
I have a personality that is so overwhelming that guys don't know what to do. Maybe it's because they are scared that they've met a girl who's so sure of herself and independent or maybe it's because they just know that they can't handle me. I need a guy who can, not necessarily tame me, but keep up with me. I'm the girl who loves to go out and shoot a game of pool or darts and grab a beer and a shot. I'm the girl who loves to go to a game: football, or whatever, cheer and get into it. I'm the girl who loves to go to a
musical or play. I love movies, sports , comedies and just about everything in between. I'm the girl who loves to slow dance and dance like an idiot. I'm the girl who doesn't need flowers every day, week or month, but it's nice every now and then. I don't care about money and I don't care about expensive dinners. I'm the girl who loves walking around a park or downtown at night, keeping things cheap and simple, or staying in and watching a movie. I love to get dressed up every now and then, but love scrub out in sweats and a t-shirt and stay in to cuddle and watch a movie. love to cook dinner together or surprise him with dinner. I love to spoil him and to be spoiled every once in a while, but not the kind of spoil that most people think. I really don't care for jewelry; I don't need big, expensive things. Walking downtown at night and seeing the sights while he's holding my hand, random hugs, stopping by just because he misses me or random calls to let me know that he misses me is spoiling me. Remembering my favorite candy and getting it for me every once in a while, that is what spoiling me is. I'm a girl and he's has to remember that, so there are times when I'm going to need to cry and let it all out and there are going to be fights, there's no way around it. I love to argue and sometimes I'm the girl who he just needs to grab and kiss to shut me up. I tend to over think and worry about things. But again, I'm a girl, I can't help it, we're made to more emotionally than guys.
When I get hurt by a guy, I will show it to him, but rather I'll show my
friends. I need my friends. I need to have girls' nights without him wondering where I am or who I'm with. I need to be able to trust him and for him to trust me. My friends have to accept him and he has to accept them, he has to be able to hang out with all of my friends and I want to hang out with his.

I need my space and sometimes I just need to take my time and back off.
I am not married yet because there isn't a guy out there who can handle who I am. I want to pay for things every now and then, not all the time, but sometimes. I want to be able to go out and get drunk every once in a while and although I can hold my hair back, he may have to help me sometimes. When I'm sick, I want him to call or bring me soup and I'll do the same for him.
I don't need to hear that I'm cute, hot or sexy, those don't mean anything to me, I want to hear that I'm beautiful or gorgeous, and not just because of my appearance. I need someone who makes me laugh and makes me smile. The type of guy who just by giving me one little look can make my stomach flutter and give me the stupid girl smile, you all know what I'm talking about with the girl smile, the one where you try to not smile but can't help it, the harder you try not to smile, the bigger your smile is, yes, the girl smile. I don't want to be used or thrown away, I don't want to have expectations of me or put on a petal stool, I just want him to accept me for me, all of my faults, because I make a lot of mistakes, some more than once, but I need someone who understands that life is too short for fights and going to
bed angry, life is too short not to laugh everyday.
I need a guy who isn't looking to ride up on some white horse and save me, because I don't need to be saved, I just need someone to stand next to me when it gets hard. He doesn't need to know what to say every time because sometimes, there aren't any right words. I just need to know that he's there me.
My hair is very rarely going to be perfect, same with my makeup; I won't spend an hour everyday getting ready. I want a guy who can look me in the eyes when I'm not all dolled up and tell me I'm beautiful and mean it, who can tell me that he not only loves me, but is in love with me. Make me smile, don't discourage me and be there when I need him...funny how it all seems so simple.

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