Sunday, July 19, 2009


Flattering /Pretty picture; This is most typically captured by the facebook at home alone . He or she will break out he camera and take from 20-76 before finding the one that shows off their features the best . ( Read : the one where they look the hottest :-) ...
The crop-out ; Everyone who - looks- bad photo this photo most often appears among women oppps ....( who care how they come out in a group shot ) The facebooks members thinks she looks great and ( her cleavage is out of control ) lol but everyone else looking pretty blah !

The funny Drinking photo; This photo is the product of a drunken night during which every photo taken is followed by sreams of facebook !

The Artsy photo; Look at me Im so artsy !

The look at me photo; Deep down though she hope and pray that her wall will fell up posts of people commenting on her awesome accomplishment.

The happy couple; Because once you are in a relationship that is all that matters. Your identity is his identity , and aren't you guys so cute ? So in love ? oh and be better also have a pics of you two on his .... lol ...profile or there is going to be a big mess sh**t lol.

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