Monday, August 17, 2009


An effective way for us to become happier is to simply believe that we are happier than we actually feel we are. For example, if we feel "not very happy," we can choose to believe that we are "mildly happy," "very happy," or even "completely happy." As we repeat these new beliefs to ourselves they become stronger, and we gradually come to feel greater happiness.

Psychologists have found that our beliefs can change simply by being exposed to new beliefs, even when these new beliefs are inconsistent with our original beliefs. Advertisers routinely apply this finding in their promotions. For example, a person who at one time believed that Ford made the best automobile may come to believe that Chevrolet deserves this distinction, simply by repeatedly hearing and/or seeing an advertising slogan such as "Chevrolet Makes the Best Car in the World."

It takes several days for this technique to create a noticeable increase in our happiness. Several weeks will be needed to create a significant increase, and several months to create a more lasting increase in our happiness. There is a limit to how often and continuously we can expose ourselves to a new belief without having the repetitive process become unpleasant, and this limit varies with each individual.

There are several basic ways to apply this technique. One way is to simply tell oneself , for example, "I am very happy" repeatedly throughout the day. Another way is to read this statement various times throughout each day.

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