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Edit#1. The purpose of this list is not to offend , but rather to try and help those who constantly fail attracting your soulmate ☺ ... I realize some of these things may be tad personal , but sometimes you have to take a good hard proverbial look in the mirror and try to think of ways you can better yourself . Self -Improvement should be an ongoing process every day through out our adult lives .
Edit#2. The second part of this why I won't call you after our first date is now posted, in it..
Valentines Day has come and gone ... Have you found that special someone yet ? Chances are if you are reading my blogg right now ........maybe??? not ???☺ In looking back at some of the dates I have gone out on from guys that I met through friends or in real life , a few guys have probably wondered why I did call them back . So with out further adieu , here are my top list reasons I will not go out on a second date with you . I have to be honest .... this is going to be pretty brutal on some people. I'm sorry . These are just common courtesy things you must do in order to make a great first impression on someone .
1.) You Showed up Late To Our First Date Without Calling ;
This one is pretty self explanatory . Unless you are Heart Surgeon and the triple bypass surgery you were operating room on went into double overtime ☺you had better have a good explanation as to why you were late . I understand that traffic issues and transportation issue can cause people to be late to a date. Widly assuming you don't have a cell phone , forgot your morse - code device at home and the blanket used to make smoke signals is tattered and torn , for pete's sake , when you finally do arrive late try to have at least a plausible excuse . Alien Abduction / subsequential probing / you helped a little old lady escape a burning house fire , anything will do . Just dont waltz on over to the table and pretend nothing happened . This shows that you are unreliable , and if I can't trust your word on the first date , how am I supposed to trust you in a relationship ?
2.)Babe Stink - Breath ( And Jack -Up Teeth )
If I can smell your Stank breath from 10 feet away; what in God's green earth makes you think I would kiss you that sanitation dump ? Try brushing your teeth before date . I realize that not everyone has perfect teeth ( me iether ) but at least bleach those Sucker so they don't like an army of miniature gold miners have set up camp in your grill . If your teeth are seriously Jacked up , and you can't afford the $10,000 cosmetic dental procedures , then try looking up your dental school . They offer discounted rates to get quality dental worked done by students ( under the stern supervision of their instructors , of course ).
3.)Nervousness :
Granted . Everyone gets nervous their first date . But it shouldn't get to the point where your hands are physically shaking and you stare at me with blank stare on your face . I went out on dinner at local sports pub/ dinner and I immediately noticed something was wrong with the guy did not make eye contact with me when we first met . After we had sat down and ordered, there was absolutely no small talk . I had to carry the entire conversation and it was downright painful . Every question that I directed at him was a cue for him to take the proverbial ball and run with it .His answers were short " yes "and "no" and the lovely "Umm" I dont' know " followed by nervous laugh and another blank stare at me . Not everyone can show complete confidence and even fewer people can fake their way to it . Before you go out another train wreck of a date, try to spare yourself the embarrasement before hand . Join a local Toastmaster club or take a night class at your local community college . This is a great way to get over the jitters that accompanied by meeting new people for the first time. I might take you a few months to get your proverbial game in check , but at least this way the next time you go out on a date , your hands won't be shaking so violently that you get more salt on the table than do your on fries.
4.)Phsychics :
I cannot stant it when I am out on the date with a guy , during the course of a normal conversation he starts talking in future sense . Example : I was out on the with this guy and we hit off pretty well .1/2 way into the conversation , he starts talking about " our next camping trip"( I like to go camping )and that made me feel pretty uncomfortable .True. I had to told him that I like to camp, and was planning a trip in the not to far future , but for him to assume that I am going to take him with me after only knowing for a few hours was completely out of line .Through out the night , he kept planning the future dates and events for us .I mean. if I had found the love of my life ( and had a few shots of Tiquiela ) then I might have played along ☺☻But not for someone who I have only know for a few hours . The creepiest part of the date was when he asked " What Should We Name Our First Son ?" " CAMERIERE!!!IL CONTO ,PER FAVORE !!! ☺☺☺
Oh Lordy .....I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have to change my e-mail address to avoid the guys who couldn't take a hint . We had gone out on one date , it was pretty obvious to the both of us that there was no chemistry whatsoever and we agreed to end it on pleasant note . The very first next day I got an e-mail from him asking me if I wanted to come over and " watch movie" at his place . I politely responded back that I was still not interested and wished him the best of luck . Whoops...... look like I touched on a raw nerve because the very next day I got 3 page email blasting me for being " total" and "COMPLETE BITCH "and how " women like me deserve to be single ? He then went on to very elequently say that he couldn't understand why all women did this to him . Girls , if you have an e-mail stalker , the best thing to do is to Google a " cease and desist " letter and change it to your liking . Tell him tha he is " Walking a thin line between communication and stalking " and make it clear that you have no further intention of continuing the conversation with him. That usually does the trick , if it doesn't contact your local police department via e-mail and forward the copy of the e-mails and "cc"them in your cease and desist email.
6.)Einsteins Theory of Stupidity :
Nothing turns a girl off faster than some anal-retentive jerk who talks down to us in a condescending tone throughout the entire date then expects us to fall head over heels for them. I don't know about the rest of you ladies , but I just cant wait to call a guy back the next day after he stomped all over me like a dead carcass the night before. If it smells like a rose and looks like rose and sounds like a rose on a date, it is probably a stinking pile of you -know - what. I met a guy once a dinner date who was supposed prominent lawyer , only to find out he had failed the bar 3 times in a row and working as an administrative assistant for a local attorney . During the course of the dinner date I could not get a word in edge- wise over how many court cases he had won and how he was this close to becoming a partner etc. al. Loser.
7.)Rudeness To Your Waiter :
I recently read on CNN.com that the majority of CEO worldwide say that you can tell a man character by the way he treats others, waiters in particular . People that are rude to others or treat them like a dirt usually have a bad character.If you are rude to someone who is trying to help you enjoy yor dining experience , what are the chances you wil treat me the same way ? If my date is rude or starts getting huffy or pissy with the server , I will instantly fake a phone call from a friend and leave Mr.big shot to sit wondered why I left after only 10 minutes on the date.
8.)Rapmaster "B" And the Funky Bunch:
Maybe I should have entiltled this one " How to speak Proper English " Nothing turns me off more, than somone with bad grammar .When first communication with a guy via email , he has the luxury of using spell check before he sends off his letters of who to me . On a date if I hear any following words during the normal course of conversation , it's over : (guys take note )
A. Dude (if you live in california , you know what I mean )
B. "Gunna
C. "UMMM"( right before you answer the a question )
D. " Bro" ( I swear on everything sacred , that if I hear the word "Bro" Shawty " ever again I will go pissed off .
E. " Cuz "
F. " Bail " ( As in " I bailed you out early from the jail ) I'm fixin to bail on you ? sorry no $$$$
9.) Nice Shoes Wanna Screw ?
There is a proper time and a proper for strong sexual innuendos. The first couple of dates are NOT said proper time . Don't say it , dont even think it . There is nothing more pathetic than someone who turns every word girl says into something sexual. I don't care how big you are , how many girls you have been with how great lover you are . Maybe the "Last HO Bag " that you dated did ,.....but as a proper respectable female , I do not . I am pretty sure most other women will agree with this statement . Treat us like the proper ladies we are !!
10.)Not Taking A Hint Guys ; Women look chemistry on a date . In this day and age , men with good looks and lots of money and tons of charm are dime a dozen. I dont care how big and buff you are . I dont care what kind of car you drive . What I care is the chemistry that I perceive to feel on the couple of first dates . If isn't there , cut and looses and end it .

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