Saturday, August 8, 2009


As one of the most popular applications on Apple’s popular iPhone platform, a lot of users are eagerly awaiting the next version of the app. And that wait is almost over.
“The app is pretty much done - they're working on translating it into a bunch of languages,” Facebook developer Joe Hewitt wrote tonight on Twitter.
That means that shortly, we’ll have access to the much-improved app which is scheduled to have features such as a News Feed that is more like the one on Facebook’s site, the ability to “like” items and a new customizable home screen. More importantly, it will also have video support for the iPhone 3GS, something which Hewitt threw-in at the last second, unexpectedly. And perhaps best of all, the app will have the ability to manage events, finally.
But don’t get too worked up just yet. They asked Hewitt if “pretty much done” meant next week perhaps. His response: “Can’t be sure -You know translating could take a while. They are avoiding predicting an actual release date“. And of course even when the app is done, Facebook still has to submit it for approval in the App Store, and as we all know, that can be a crapshoot. We could see it next week, we could see it 6 months from now. Though, Apple does seem to do a pretty good job pushing important apps like this one through quickly. Funny how that works, isn’t it?
Facebook is also finally working on an Android app. That should drop any day now.

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