Friday, August 7, 2009


Twitter, a Service of Few Words And Many Followers, Goes Silent ;

With Twitter Down for Two Hours, I'd Couldn't Follow my twitter friends Every Thought ☺ but funny though for real .....
I'd I was in the middle of my early routine of course in my web early Thursday morning when I encountered the unimaginable: life without Twitter

After 10 minutes of trying to check messages from my followers on the site ., I realized that the social-networking service had gone down.

My dog wasn't acting right. lol hahahah Did I notice it was out? That would be the equivalent to asking, did you notice you woke up?" Stanley my pittbull babe "My immediate thought was, 'There is no replacing this platform...I couldn't satisfy the need to communicate.'"

Across the globe, millions of other users found themselves suddenly robbed of the ability to broadcast their innermost thoughts. Twitter said a cyberattack took down the service for about two hours. Users couldn't even get the site's oft-seen "fail whale" -- a rendering of a cetacean lifted by tiny birds that indicates the site is overloaded.....
A year ago, few beyond Silicon Valley had heard about the site, which lets users send 140-character messages called tweets to followers who sign up for updates, from the quotidian (what they are wearing) to the momentous (a birth). Thanks in part to celebrity endorsers like Ashton Kutcher , Twitter's popularity has exploded. ☺☻
The service doesn't disclose how many users it has. But had more than 44.5 million world-wide visitors in June, according to comScore, compared with just 2.9 million in June 2008. Its skyrocketing user growth means that more people feel the pain of disruptions.

I usually waits and sits at my computer pressing refresh until it comes back again and writes down Tweets and writes black moleskin notebook to save for later, like "Just whatzhot going today ...., saw a woman got hit by a grocery cart" for example. "It's rough but I make it through," hahhahaa !

"For me, it would be the equivalent of going outside to get on the freeways and find that the freeways are closed down, Twitter being down is the equivalent to no way to get to the airport."Thank God it's all over now It drives me crazy ....

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