Monday, September 28, 2009

7 Thoughts That Are Bad For You


Cynics who tend to be suspicious and mistrustful of others, a character trait that scientists refer to as hostility, may have an increased likelihood of developing heart disease. "These aren't necessarily hot-headed people, but people who are more likely to read into people's behavior as some hostile motive.


Lack of Meaning
If you lack a sense of purpose, your stay on Earth could be truncated.

People who are highly neurotic -- constantly worried and anxious

Lack of Self-control
Late for appointments? Can't keep your desk organized? No self-control? These seemingly benign qualities could take a toll on your health.

The jitters can put a strain on your noggin
Gloom and Doom
The gloomy, inhibited person is not just at a disadvantage socially, but also physically


Whatever you do, don't let this list worry you! Research is showing that prolonged stress can be deadly, and if it doesn't do you in, workplace stress can increase your chances of heart disease, flu virus, metabolic syndrome and having high blood .

MY BELIEVE -> LIfe is just way too short for negativity!!!

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