Saturday, September 19, 2009

Buzz's Picks For Fall Movies: Best of the Rest

Fall means back to school, cooling temperatures, changing leaves . . . and a whole lot of new movies. I'm helping you sort through the coming releases by giving you my recommendations — I already talked about which dramas, comedies, and romances to see — but there are a few movies that don't fit perfectly into any of those categories. But what they are is exciting — check out the best of the rest of upcoming Fall flicks.

1.)Where the Wild Things AreThere's nothing about Where the Wild Things are that doesn't sound amazing: Spike Jonze directing, Dave Eggers writing, one of my favorite childhood books coming to life — I'm smitten already. Judging from the equally bittersweet and adorable trailer , I don't think it will disappoint. Catch it Oct. 16.

2)FameI'm so excited . . . I just can't hide it . . . sue me, I love a dance movie. And after seeing the high energy trailer for Fame which stars former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Kherington Payne, I'm pretty sure that this will be good time. Opens Sept. 25.

3)The Fantastic Mr. FoxWill Wes Anderson's next project succeed as both a hipster hit and a kids' film? I wouldn't doubt it, especially since the vocal stars of The Fantastic Mr. Fox include George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and Bill Murray. Ther trailer manages to retain that Anderson humor, and it could even be funnier coming out of CGI woodland creatures. Dive into the foxhole Nov. 13.

4)A Christmas CarolJim Carrey (well, Jim Carrey's voice) heads up this latest version of Christmas Carol , directed by Bob Zemeckis. Disney's CGI flick will apparently be a darker interpretation and hedge closer to the original Scrooge story. The movie will have a holiday head start, opening Nov. 6.

5)Good HairChris Rock's documentary Good Hair stemmed from a question his daughter asked him about why she didn't have "good hair." It sent him on this exploration of African American hair and hair as it relates to society. Check out the movie opens on Oct. 9

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