Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Have You Ever cheat ?

I've read a lot about women cheating on their partners lately.
Yesterday While I stuck In the House Whole day Of Bad weather I was reading this Article an agnostic woman offered some advice to a Christian woman Who Felt guilty for cheating on her husband . And last week an Ohio woman, determined to win back her fiancé, made headlines for standing outside a supermarket wearing a sign that said: "I cheated. Honk if I deserve a second chance." The back read: "I honestly love him."
If there's any insight to be gained from this sign-wearing woman's antics, it's that many cheaters feel an enormous amount of guilt for betraying the person they love. Have you ever been in that situation?

...I will answer the question. Have I ever cheated? No. Will I ever cheat? No. I am an honest person, so if I was upset with my boyfriend or in my marriage, I would tell the person, and ask to separate. I wouldn't just go cheat on him. I think cheating is a way to have their cake and eat it to (being married or with someone just because it's fun, and then cheating because they're not getting exactly what they want) or the person has no spine, so they can't actually say "hey, I don't want you" either to protect the other person, or to make it so they don't have to leave. Cheating is lame. I will never be one of those lame people.

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