Thursday, September 10, 2009

President Obama ~ He Nail it

I found that a really interesting passage in that speech last night. He talked a good deal about education and the need to train people and to make sure that schools are teaching kids what they need to learn. There has been a lot of talk about the next generation, about young people, when we look at the size of the deficit and debt that will be handed down to them.
But in that passage last night, the president seemed to be vesting young people in this fight as well. Basically he was saying, you know, you may be a kid, but you're needed, and you have something to work for, and we're going to need you to step up. And I found it a very interesting pitch. I'd never quite heard a president do that before. He nailed it
As a Nurse Nothing is more important to healthcare reform is your health Practice taking care your self and practice eating right and exercise ...

Oh Please !

How Christian of Mr. JOE Wilson... I can't imagine the one they follow (jesus himself) would condone such behavior... Hmm wonder what Wilson's southern born again christian constituents feel... I thought jesus taught us to help the poor and turn the other cheek. How do they reconcile their beliefs with their hate for their fellow americans who they wish to deny basic health care. Ask yourselves GOP'ers what would Jesus say?

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