Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Another ???

Ahhhh yes, another Amber Rose moment! I am sorry this girl is addictive! From the short blonde Caesar haircut, highly glossed puckered liptoes – there is something about this girl that EVERYONE (including myself) what do we actually know about Amber Rose? Good question…..other than being a former stripper (from alleged reports), being dubbed as a lesbian
(music videoyet again these are all would like to know more abouts, straight from alleged reports), and already stapled a video vixen in addition to linking up with Kanye West (which is we’ve all seen for the past 6 months) what do we really know about down to her imperfect
Amber Rose? Ummm…nothing! Truth be told – I seldom watch TV so I can’t say that I’ve seen her in any s, nor do I read Smooth Magazine – thus leaving me in the dark about her semi nude spread. But I did so happen listen to Amber Rose on Sirius Radio’s Shade 45’s Lip Service – where the bi racial beauty gave us some insight on her sexual activities (which I really didn’t care much about). But is that all she is….a sex pot? Which leaves me wonder….will she or can she stand on her own merit at Ford Models? Let’s be clear….she is basically a dinosaur in the modeling food chain. At 26 years old…what other alternatives does she have other than print?
Does her body fit the requirements for the runway? Can she really be the next Cover Girl ? Or does her modeling career only stop at Urban styled photoshoots? Ladies…this is definitely a tricky one. Check out more of Amber at the Ford after the jump.

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