Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Artist To Watch !

In A City Where Everybody Seems To be Chasing a Career In Music . Jay Strut ..Is Out ....From Toronto Re-Present Yo ! His Goal To Make His Fan Happy And Give Some more Up beat Music Style You never Hear ..“The new way hiphop with alternative”. New wave sound - XPLODING In Speakers NeaR YoU Electro.Synth,Bass,Beat,Club .♫Fantastic composer and energetic singer-dancer, he has been performing Live and he will be out Here Soon In the United States..
there are a lot of talented artists out there who don`t have the way to be listened to. I noticed that big things are made for big names. That`s not how the music entertainment world should be treated.” giving the chance to others to get heard ...The Goldern Boy In Hip Hop is here Jay Strut ...♫ The Crunk ! Top Hip Hop Yo !Golden boy is the internet artist revolution.
Check out Video ♫ Follow his Blog twitter @jaystrut .♫ Listen To his Numher 1 Hit Just Got Fresh ♫

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