Tuesday, July 28, 2009


WANT TO STAY ALIVE ? Survival secret from an expert who Really Knows . Modern medical care is wondrous but it's complex. The things than can go wrong in a hospital are almost innumerable. But that doesn't make them right or acceptable Healthcare instead of helping might cause needless harm , or worse yet,, kill you .
You must do what you can to ensure your hospital stay puts you on the path to recovery and not to the morque. 1. Insist anyone who has direct contact with you washes their hands, even before they put on protective gloves. If someone's hand s are unclean when they put on gloves, the gloves might become contaminated.
2. Urinary tract infection are actually the most common type of infection.Originating in hospital .Bacteria can slip into patients via urinary catheters, and this infection can be dismaying tenacious .
3. Urinary catheters also limit your mobility which increase your risk of blood clots , preumonia and muscles loss .While urinary catheters are sometimes necessary , the longer the catheter remain in place , the more likely you are to get an infection or other complication.
4. Also after surgery your lung tissue might have partially collapse ( a condition called ATELECTASIS) deep breathing will prevent pneumonia and hospital staff can give you called a incentive spirometer blow into it several times everyday to streghten lung capacity .As soon as you are able with assistance get out of bed and walk around the hospital . Do this several times a day becoming mobile as soon as you can prevents ATELECTASIS. 5. Have your doctor sign his or her initials directly on the site to be operated on prior to the surgery.You be less likely to make " DOCTOR REMOVE WRONG KIDNEY HEADLINES" When a nurse comes to give your medicine ask what it is and why you need it. Make sure the nurse checks your ID bracelete against the name on the prescription . Medication errors are common in hospitals . Note♥;Do everything your Healthcare ask so you be able to leave quickly. If you ask me its better to continue your recovery at home away from the hum and beep of machines the clatter of the food trolley and the loud conversations between Nurses

Eating oily fish one's a week slashes prostate cancer ; Fish oil may protect men against prostate cancer .Potentially deadly agressive prostate cancer a study suggest. It found men who ate dark oily fish rich in omega 3 , one to three times per month had a 36 percent lower risk of prostate cancer than those who never ate dark fish .

Eating oily fish more than one's a week than an even higher bigger protective effect leading to a 57 percent reduction in risk .

How eating blueberies can improve your memory , and reverse the forget fulness old age. Scientific found that compounds called flavonoids in blueberies and other fresh fruit interact with nerve cells .Increasing communication between them and stimulating the generation of brain cells .

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