Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I figured out since I already posted in a couple blogs. I should say about my threads , As for me I've been kickkin around the web bloggin. So what will I be posting on this blog ? Well, one of the great benefits of blogging is that the blog writers save your time . I will bring Lifestyle , Fashion , Healthy Living a Balance life , Humor , and also it's cover Celebrity topics . And just about anything else , otherwise its a pleasure to be here with you , I'm sure I 'll see many of you around enjoy and welcome to my whatzhot the name it say's it all .


Seek out your Co-workers on Face Books . So you finally scored a new job and you're wondering if you should connect with your colleagues on facebook ? Go ahead , yes even with all those embarrassing photo's linked to your profile (NO DON'T DELETE THE ONE'S FROM SPRING BREAK '97 WHEN YOU HOOKED UP WITH TYRONE WITH A BEER BONG EVERYNIGHT LOL )

Your Ex-on Facebook Imagine you are Tom Cruise ( Yes it's frightening but just play along ☺☺) You log - on Face Book and uh-oh there's a friend request from one Nicole Kidman .You'd like to accept ? ☺ despite a messy break -up ... What you need here a touch up game theory. Consider how the actions are available to you could play out .If you reject Nicole's request you might piss her off ☺ on the other hand if you accept the request .You gain one friend and possibly others as you reenter Nicole circle lol ...
We know its complicated ... of course that take higher math to figure out☺

Delete Unwanted Post from your Face Book . Your father was right , You be judge . Facebook wall with sexist jokes or embarrassing tales of drunken misadventure people may think you're like them . Then again you could migrate to myspace nobody pays attention to anything written there.lol ☺

We've all been blogging and Flickring and tweeting for quite awhile now. Anything potentially compromising about you will eventually make the rounds So own it . Revealing awkward photos and post yourself is the best way to limit their impact . Show that you don't take yourself too seriously and you're less likely to invite ridicule.☺

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