Sunday, August 2, 2009


The Glass Bow ; The other day I was walking past construction site in the Spectrum area . And noticed a rainbow - like appearing in the road . I immediately thought of this mystery photo ☺ naturally , I had to take a picture myself . It basically is a rainbow , except formed by reflections in tiny glass beads ( used for sandblasting ) instead of raindrops . Don' t you always carry those handy better camera ?? Sadly , I only had my phone :( Standing on the Freeway at Midnight ; Here something that happened my weekened . We were driving back from Airport Saturday night around 11:30 P:M. You might think at that hour would be relatively light . Not so it was Saturday night after all went straight through Downtown .By the time we merged onto we 'd already been delayed by several slowdowns from accidents .It was a bit midnight when traffic just stopped .... We waited , figuring it was another round of stop and go traffic . And waited . A fire truck quitely worked its way along the right shoulder . After a few minutes I put the parking brake on.... But the funny was the driver of car next to us . He look like probably midle age man , and was driving SUV with a sunroof . After a few minutes of dead stop he opened the sunroof - this was midnight remember - and climbed up on top his car to see what's goin on . Then he go back down opened the door and walk around to the back of his his truck so he could get his camera ... Next step he handed his camera to his friend in the passenger seat , then walked out in the midle of the lane pose by the car in front of him , giving a double thumbs up and a goofy grin . As far we could see , I expect the photo is probably on Facebook , Myspace , tweetpic by now or somewhere ☺☺☺

Last week after we going to see a movie we wondered over to coffee bean and tea leaf . I ordered the new honeydew iced blended drink . Imani ordered the pomegranate - blueberry drink . When we pick up them up from the counter , though , the combination struck us both as funny .

Lightning Symphony; I was looking a proper name a plasma lamp and stumbled upon the Wikipedia entry for the Zeusaphone . It's a Tesla Coil that's set up to modulate its discharges so that they produce specific notes , in other words , it's a Tesla Coil that plays music lightning . Seriously how can you turn down a description like that ? I still think the craziest example of this has to be Men 's Pocky I's a cookie ☺ One which I'd hardly consider "a girlie " cookie, but maybe its more associated with girls in Japan . I still can't figure out whether it's a case of cultural or deliberate absudity .

Sex - Linked Brand Names ; I owned a jacket labeled Liz Clairborne , which of course made by the Liz Clairborne Company .My brother or used to H&M Men clothing, which was clearly a variation on their Hillard and Hanson brand . All that example I could think of were companies that traditionally been aimed at women , but were adding aimed at men . Is it the name ? Do men feel odd buying the product name "Liz Clairborne" ? while women used to buying brands name after both men and women ? Maybe it's stigma of a man participating in something perceived as feminine ? Sort of like the assumption in children's t.v. that boy's will only watch boy's , while girls will watch the shows about girl's or boy (so they make shows about boy's instead of girl's , figuring they'll get a bigger audience )

Then pointed out Lego Belville the line aimed girls which entirely misses the point of Lego by making as much of each set prefab as possible . And pink on the plus side , unlike clairborne , Belville doesn't try to hide the fact that it's lego product .

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