Monday, August 3, 2009


Why I Stay Single ?
The perfect men seem very elusive , which I wondered why women like me are so picky . I want to spend someone that I really know , I really care and who I'm really inlove with .Given the choice I can marry right now just give the right men of my dream. But finding the right person its hard , just like looking for a needle in a haystack . Everywhere I turn there are more women pickier than me .Last Sunday my sister send an email which answer my ancient question of ** where did all man go ? Seeing this pictures , it occurred to me that they did not go anywhere. They are just around the corner Ironically , becoming and fussier each day in looking for their male counterparts. Ask me why ?? Well the reasons are below ..

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MissesZumbi said...

LMAO... I LOVE the pictures! There's someone for Everybody... your Perfect Match awaits :)