Thursday, August 6, 2009


Kitchen is a Magic place, where yummy Food adds Joy to life. Life in the Kitchen is fun and rewarding, why not do it in Style. Happy surfing here for the food recipe, perfect Kitchenware or kitchen Gadgets, happy cooking, play with green vegetable and learn to laugh at your not so perfect dish.

often go to that fruit shop near Nanjing university. The fruit there is very fresh since it's near a university with so many students around. The shop owner operates this fruit shop with great effert, and always gives us the fruit with great quality and reasonable price, so day by day, it got reputation and a bunch of regular customers just like me, who would go a long way to buy fruit there.

The fruit shop around my home is not in the same level like that one, the priority thing I cared about is freshness, and fruit breed. There is many evil seller who solds the common fruit breed as a price for the better breed, I look down upon those action. In this way, it will drove customer away after the first trying. Honest fruit seller would win in the end.
The second thing is variety of the fruit. The shop got all those fruit I want, from common to uncommon ones such as yellow peach etc.Good news is that the fruit shop is going to expand in the next week because it's neighbor shop is closed and transfer the shop area to him. The fruit ship may turn out a new look and offer us many more variety in the next week. I was looking forward to that.

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