Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some unknown facts about Adolph Hitler.

Father of Adolf Hitler was born illegitimate and only when he was 39 years old took surname of his stepfather “Hiedler”.At the age of 16 Hitler dropped out of high school without degree and was always looked upon as a boy having no desire to work.At the age of 21 Hitler use to work as a painter in Vienna by painting from the postcards and use to sell them to tourists. He was denied by the Fine Arts academy in Vienna twice.
Hitler was
vegetarian and non smoker.Hitler was recruited in 1914 in Military service and he pursued his interest of drawing by contributing cartoons to newspapers
As a boy Hitler was always subjected to harsh treatment of his father and often beaten by blows of the stick.
In 1945, when Soviet army entered Berlin, Hitler ended his life by committing suicide. He shot himself with a gun and at the same time had a bite of cyanide capsule. He also poisoned his dog before committing suicide.

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