Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 Best Cities For Guys to Find a Date ;

Hey, guys, where are the ladies? According to Men's Health magazine, they're in five cities you would least expect. It's not New York. It's not L.A. It's not Miami.
Book a flight to one of these all-American towns that are deemed the best cities to find a date:
*Baton Rouge
*Oklahoma City
But wait! There's love in other cities, too. A poll conducted by America Online ranked various U.S. cities as potential love hot spots based on their restaurants, bars and clubs, live music venues, and arts and cultural events, as well as the number of singles using online personal ads. So if the five above aren't convenient for you, go here, young man (or woman):
*St. Louis
*Columbus, Ohio
*Minneapolis/St. Paul
*Las Vegas
Before you call the moving company, do note that Forbes magazine has published its own list based on similar criteria and came up with these best cities for singles. Here are the top 10 out of 40.
*San Francisco-Oakland
*San Diego
*Houston and Minneapolis/St. Paul (tie)
Oh, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was last at No. 40. Forbes described it as "square and stagnant." Ouch.

I Know some of you guys wish one of this lady is your Gf..lol ~*~*

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