Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What go you out of bed this morning ?

No, I don’t mean whether it was your alarm clock going off or your spouse jabbing you in the ribs.Instead, I want you to consider what your motivation was to get out of bed this morning? What did you say to yourself, what was your internal self-dialogue that finally resulted in setting your feet on the floor?Well, I’ve waited as long as I can. If I don’t get up now I’m going to be late.” If we were honest, many of us would admit we sometimes voice something similar to ourselves.But then I thought, “How is that preparing me for my day? How is that setting the course of my mind, emotions, and expectations? What kind of day am I going to have if I’m launching it with those thoughts?”
So, I pondered, “How can it be different? How can I change my first thoughts to change my entire day?”
A good question to ask. Here is my answer, what I now say before my feet hit the floor:

~Today im Grateful Im able to wake up and Pray .

~Today with this gift I can love & laugh, learn & grow.

Tips &Warning~

Having sex makes you more tired, thus less prompted to get up in the morning. Pick your nights wisely.

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