Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Fall Fashion Ideas

I’m ecstatic that there is actually a pair of skinny “jeans” out there that will not cut off my circulation… lol and they’re now knows as Jeggings! Ah, what a fun word to say !
My first instinct was to make my jeggings more of a casual, day type look with long blazers, baggier t-shirts, bangle bracelets and maybe even a hat thrown in the mix… but upon further thought I realized that these babies are perfect for those nights out when you have “nothing to wear”and I can totally see them looking fierce with my new sequin jacket ! My only request is that you DO NOT TRY this trend with any kind of body suit or form fitting top. This look is all about playing with proportions and if you do tight on bottom, there is really no need to do tight on top! That would just create a tight mess lol and no one has that good of a body…well unless you’re a VS model who reads this blog and then you’re free to wear whatever the hell you want!
This is a really fun style that is comfy and surprisingly chic so feel free to play with it and make it your own! So what do you say girls, can you handle jeggings?

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