Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Random Thoughts; Sorry Seems The easiest Word These Day !

Joe Wilson and Kanye West. Kanye West and Joe Wilson. Men who will ever share a beer (or some cognac)? Unlikely. Men who have something in common?Absolutely. Both are sorry ...

Sorry, it seems to me, has been cheapened over the years undermined by conservative and fundamentalist leaders who go into damage-control mode when some untoward activity comes to light, but also by liberals who demand an instant appology without due diligence on the part of

the miscreant or themselves. Sorry has become just another word. Sorry should be the penultimate step in the act of asking for forgiveness. The other steps should be: 1) recognizing that you have hurt (offended) someone, 2) acknowledging and taking responsibility for your action, 3) reviewing the situation and determining what gave rise to your reaction including

whether your reaction is isolated to the incident at hand or part of a larger pattern, 4) asking for forgiveness (saying you are sorry), 5) accepting forgiveness when it is extended (it may not happen right away and you have to wait for it). Forgiveness is an act of compassion that requires understanding from both parties. It must be felt by both parties.


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