Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Beauty definition

Before~ Jocelyn Wildenstein

Surgery botched: Everything she has attempted has apparently turned out terribly

Photographic Evidence:

Aging,  & Cosmetic Surgery ???

Because I'm worth it." - L'Oreal slogan.

"Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline." - Maybelline slogan.

"Wearing makeup is an apology for our actual faces." - Cynthia Heimel.

"Lipstick is something that makes you feel good about yourself." - Naomi Campbell.

When you get old, and you realize you're old when you have wrinkles, crows-feet, grey/silver hair, back pains, etc. and the cosmetics you bought in your 20s just doesn't seem to cut it any more.

According to the cosmetic company Olay there are seven signs of aging:

1. Lines and wrinkles

2. Uneven skin texture

3. Uneven skin tone

4. Appearance of pores

5. Blotches and age spots

6. Dry skin

7. Dullness
seriously think they just made up #7 just so it would be a lucky number/prime number.

Of course, Olay's Total Effects skin care products promises to reverse those seven signs of aging.For women aging is a bitter poison, like a disease that slowly wears us down. We've been raised to think young is beautiful, that youth and beauty are fading and that loss of beauty is just one of the things on the road towards death.

From an advertising industry perspective it also means we women are very vulnerable. We purchase cosmetics, soaps, hair dyes, skin creams all in the effort and hope that it will somehow sustain our youthful appearance, maintain our beauty and thus grant us a longer life. It is all a placebo of course, but we try nevertheless. We worry about our sagging breasts, our wrinkled skin, our laugh lines and every traitorous part of our body that will eventually break down and reveal our true age. It is no surprise so many women lie about their age. We subtract years to the nearest 9 or 4 so that we can be 29, 34, 39, 44 and by the time we reach 50 we hopefully have matured enough to not care any more. What I personally can't stand is the women out there who say "I am 40 years young." What you are really saying is that you're 40 years old, but you're so obsessed with wanting to be younger that you are changing the adjective.

And therein lies my point. You can't hide your age. Regardless of how much you try to cover it up and look younger, no amount of cash and cosmetic surgery can hide crows-feet and wrinkly hands.

A woman getting a botox injection at a party

The Real Seven Signs of Aging

According to Catherine Redfern

1. Emotional maturity

2. Wisdom, self-confidence, self-esteem

3. Owning your own house

4. Sense of perspective on life

5. Sexual confidence

6. Career develops

7. Financial security

Cosmetic surgery won't buy those things, but that doesn't stop some young women and old women from wanting it anyway.

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